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is a collaborative project between Vendy Methodos , EnkaNkmr , Dian Suci Rahmawati, Ipeh Nur and Prihatmoko Moki, that was established in Yogyakarta in June 2017. GEGERBOYO has a strong focus on MURAL, however GEGERBOYO also doing another things such as drawings, paintings, and mixed-media installations. GEGERBOYO takes much of they inspiration from contemporary urban culture, street art, politics, social and traditional culture.

The name “GegerBoyo” is taken from the dome at Mount Merapi. Domes that protect the people around the slopes of Merapi from eruptions and hot clouds. “GegerBoyo” was once believed by Merapi residents as a barrier of lava glide and hot clouds coming out of Mount Merapi. The name “GegerBoyo” maybe two meanings because the pronunciation on “Geger” wrong. “Geger” is the back but can mean its riot if we mispronounce the word “Geger”. While “Boyo” is a crocodile animal. So “Gegerboyo” means the back of a crocodile or crocodile chaos, so that’s why we are interested to give this movement with the name “GegerBoyo”

Best Regards• Boyo Bantul, Boyo Klaten, & Boyo Gunung Kidul

GEGERBOYO / Mural Pancasila / Kridosono / Yogyakarta / 2017